Terhaar & Cronley believes in contributing to the well-being of the community that has fostered its continued success. It is therefore the company's policy to donate construction related services for non-profit organization projects in Northwest Florida, as time and resources permit.



Major public service projects to date include: construction of the PACE Center for Girls facility; construction of the Pensacola Sports Association office; planning, development, and construction of the Pensacola Visitor Information Center; construction of the Blue Angels Welcome Station Pylons; renovation of the Pensacola-Escambia Human Relations Commission facility; construction of the Veterans Memorial Park Wall South, WWII Memorial, and Korean Memorial; construction of the M. J. Menge Bell Tower at Pensacola Junior College; and construction of the Manna Food Bank Distribution Warehouse.



The Pensacola State College M. J. Menge Bell Tower was named for the most revered member of the Pensacola community for his activist roles in the increase in quality of life for all community residents. Terhaar & Cronley rushed to donate its services for this fitting tribute.



The Visitor Information Center at the Pensacola Bay Bridge is Pensacola's first permanent welcome center, built with the help of friends and associates who contributed the cost of design, building materials, and labor. Terhaar & Cronley took the leadership in initiating the project, raised all funds, secured all building materials, and donated construction services.



When the Pensacola-Escambia Human Relations Commission was given an old building that did not meet building code requirements, Terhaar & Cronley provided the labor and materials to repair and renovate the building and bring it into code compliance.



The Veterans Memorial Park featuring the Wall South is a unique memorial and recreational facility developed for the City of Pensacola by private efforts. Terhaar & Cronley performed the construction work at cost, donating its fee to the Wall South Foundation.



The Pensacola Sports Association, long a contributor to youth and recreational programs in the area, had not had an adequate permanent headquarters since its inception. Terhaar & Cronley built their new offices at cost and helped the organization with their building fundraising effort.



When Pensacola State College agreed to house the PACE Center for Girls, an alternative non-profit secondary education program for at-risk females, Terhaar & Cronley agreed to provide this worthwhile organization with complete construction services for the new location at cost.



Terhaar & Cronley, in conjunction with Lamar Advertising and Bell Steel, donated the labor and materials for the Museum of Naval Aviation pylon-supported Blue Angel displays at the Pensacola area's east and west interstate rest stops. Their visual impact on vehicular travelers lures visitors to one of Northwest Florida's greatest attractions.



When Hurricane Ivan decimated Manna Food Bank's food storage warehouse, local attorney Bob Kerrigan funded the rebuilding, for which Terhaar & Cronley donated its construction services at cost. Terhaar & Cronley welcomes project proposals from non-profit organizations and will continue to donate construction services as time and resources allow.


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